Saturday, December 21, 2013

Extreme Weather Today

Northern Saskatchewan is holding the title today for the coldest places on Earth with the top 3 being Southend -43C (which is actually far north, no idea who names these places) Stony Rapids -45C and Uranium City -43C (which is really not a city lol). Luckily windchills are limited to a calm breeze but feeling like -51C.

See the current world's coldest temperatures listed here:

As the extreme cold pushes south from the arctic, warm moist air is moving north east from the Gulf of Mexico. This is causing havoc across much of the eastern states and into eastern Canada with ice storms from Oklahoma to southern Ontario and severe thunderstorms south and east of that line. A Moderate Risk has been issued and tornado watches have been posted for many areas including eastern Texas into Louisiana.

Current storm situation from the Storm Prediction Center:

Some tweets from the ice storm in Oklahoma:

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