Thursday, August 22, 2013

Severe Thunderstorm Risk Map - Friday and Saturday

A powerful storm system is emerging over south east Saskatchewan according to forecast models and will begin to affect areas early Friday, possibly late tonight and gain strength through the day. This system is expected to cross much of southern Saskatchewan on Friday afternoon, then rebuild after sunset, back building over areas seeded with moisture from the first set of storms. It is expected that two supercells will emerge with one breaking to the north east and another splitting into multicells straight east into Manitoba. The risk for tornadoes is very low on Friday but can not be ruled out given the moderately strong wind shear. Tornadoes are more likely on Saturday in the southern lake country of Manitoba and increasing into Northern Ontario on Sunday. This is a potentially dangerous situation that could cause wide spread damage to trees and power lines. The main focus will be on strong gust front type storms and flash flooding. Please pay close attention to the weather and take all warnings from Environment Canada seriously. 


rob said...

Nice site! How did you embed the Twitter feed on your blog?

Jared Mysko said...

Thanks! It took great skills lol jk there is a code for it somewhere on twitter, they added it a couple months ago and I was lucky enough to be paying attention to new techy stuff :) I actually love it, the best addition to the Internet in some time. I use it all the time to see live storm reports as they come in. Its very useful.

rob said...

Thanks Jared.. I found the Twitter code, but I don't see how to add it to the Google blogger to appear in the sidebar. Any help appreciated..

Jared Mysko said...

try the html widget

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