Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is Spring Here Yet? The Birds Think So!

Since we have waited so long for spring to arrive, I decided to take some bread down to Wascana Lake and feed the birds. Only a few days ago it was rare to even see any birds around Regina but the last two days have proved they are back and populating the lake in a hurry! On Wednesday I estimated about a thousand birds on the lake and yesterday that figure easily jumped past a million. There was only one little area of birds the first day and Friday the entire lake was filled like I had never seen before. Feeding just a few birds got the entire flock to take flight in a spectacular display!

I shot a lot of video as it was such an amazing experience to stand there and watch. Look at the incredible difference two days make:

Here is Wednesday's footage:


If you go, bring lots of bread and don't worry, if you run out they won't attack. haha

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