Monday, August 01, 2011

Weekend Round up/Serious Situation For Manitoba Today

Great chance for tornadoes today in Manitoba and south. Especially areas in Minnesota as they are under a 10% tornado risk by SPC. At the moment radar indicates a very strong and discrete cell just east of Yorkton, Sk. Severe thunderstorm warnings are posted by Environment Canada already and there are watches up for all three prairie provinces. Danger area to watch is definitely the Foxwarren, MB radar especially Dauphin over the next hour.

In other news, in case you missed it over the weekend. Regina got hit with 115km/hr winds Friday at midnight and clean-up continues today as city crews were on our street picking up the fallen branches and trimming trees. I was out by the lake filming the storm as it came in and also took video of an interview I did for Global news on Saturday morning as well as some lumberjack coverage that afternoon. Here is the highlight video from all the action on Saturday in Regina:

And on Sunday a tornado was filmed in Russia that caused major damage, killed one and injured several others. Here is that video:

Jared the Lumberjack

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