Thursday, June 29, 2006

Saskatoon - Smoky and Muggy - No Storms Yet...

We have some very warm, muggy air now to go with forest fire smoke. There is a pretty good chance of severe thunderstorms today in central Saskatchewan but so far storms have gone much further north-east. Still, with a cold front due to pass through here as the sun goes down, storms could come out of nowhere. Conditions are just about perfect with a nice steady wind to help it all out. I took a short drive out towards Rosthurn and found a kilometre wide swath of rain around 3:30pm. It now appears to be building up big with warnings for the Nipiwin area. Dewpoints are 22 in Nipiwin and 20 in Saskatoon. Echo tops are now reaching 50 000 feet high. That is nearly maxed. As the sun goes down that monster could back-build in a hurry.

Here are some early photos:

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