Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Major Snowfall Event For East Central Saskatchewan

A powerful low pressure system which brought heavy snow in the Rocky Mountains and freezing rain to Alberta is making it's way into colder air in central Saskatchewan today. Half a foot or 15cm is forecast to drop on areas east of LaRonge and north of Yorkton. Watches and warnings have been issued by Environment Canada for these areas including Dauphin, Manitoba. The jet stream takes a strong right turn in the middle of Saskatchewan which is causing the distubance to move south and congregate over the Melfort area. Saskatoon is not expected to see much of this system but the convective clouds can be seen from the city. Please check Environment Canada for the lastest warnings. We have our skycam up as well, pointed in that general direction.


This system had weakened earlier in the day but radar now indicates that it is increasing in strength as Environment Canada expands snowfall warning areas.

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