Photos 2002

2002 was the year that I decided to keep a camera with me all the time and found myself catching some pretty good stuff for an amatuer. Clearly the quality of my photography was greatly improved with the new digital camera purchased after the "June 17" pictures.
Note: All of these photographs were taken by Jared Mysko. Hi-resolution prints are available upon request. Enjoy...

Dust Bowl 2002: Two pictures of a dust storm that lasted about 20 minutes in Saskatoon on May 29, 2002. Notice the trees how they are bent over in the second picture. There is only about 30 seconds between each picture!

June 17
These pictures are from just outside of Asquith, SK. during a severe thunderstorm warning.

July 5
Tornado touches down near Langham then heads towards Martinsville. This picture is from just north of Martinsville after the tornado warning was issued. This was a particularly scary situation since I was nearly blown off the highway in a violent dust storm just before taking this picture!

August 3
Sunrise on highway #16

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