2004 Photos

April 19, 2004

Sunday, May 8, 2004
Rainbow and shelf cloud from Saturday's storm in Benson, Sk., a small village north of Estevan. Benson is famous for the highest number of killer tornadoes in Saskatchewan history with 3 separate events that caused fatalities. See our chart ....

June 4, 2004
Short Chase SE of Saskatoon
A short but fun chase produced some non-severe action near Dundurn on Friday afternoon. Heading south on highway #11, I had to pull over when I saw a smoke plum rising from a field just south of Grasswood. The smoke seemed to initiate a funnel which I did not get a picture of until it re-appeared as a multi-vortex funnel. Winds were not very strong at the base at maybe 60 to 70 km/hr but they kicked up lots of dust and seemed to keep strengthening as the day went on. Had to head back to work at 3pm but no other funnels appeared after the initial action. I had been watching this cell form west of Saskatoon for over an hour before it began to move. Timing was very good today to catch this! The storm eventually produced some warnings in the SE part of the province as it went into North Dakota.

Saturday, July 31, 2004
Funnel cloud spotted near Swan River, Manitoba this afternoon. Severe thunderstorm watches have been issued for the area as cells begin to fire up from east of Saskatoon and into southern Manitoba. We are not expecting too much from today's weather however, the full moon will be out tonight which will enhance any overnight convection.
Last night's thundershowers in Saskatoon made for some outstanding photographic opportunities. Here is one: (click on image and find the geese)
Monday, July 19, 2004
The scanner server melted down after storm chaser Jared Mysko was on CBC Radio this morning, then Environment Canada's website went down as a huge storm developed north of Saskatoon. While chasing the storm only by sight, Jared rescued a man riding his bike on the highway near Osler as the storm quickly grew into a supercell. Straight line winds and driving rain briefly brought zero visibility on the highway between Saskatoon and Rosthern as some drivers slowed down or even pulled off the highway.
Today's footage near Osler...
Saturday, July 17, 2004

Large hail and weak tornadoes were reported in the Osler area north of Saskatoon on Saturday night.

Mammatus clouds over Prince Albert:
Damage to crops:

Wednesday: Jared Mysko's Report from the Conquest, SK Tornado

August 28, 2004
Saskatoon Hail Storm
The storm of the year by far for the city of Saskatoon, torential downpours including significant amounts of hail covered the ground and shaved leafs off many trees, plugging sewers and causing flash flooding in many areas of the city. Manhole covers were seen spraying water 10 feet high on Confederation Drive! Also, a truck got caught under the Idylwyld Drive/Circle Drive underpass and the occupants were forced to swim off the top before the truck was completely submerged!

September 1
Last Chase of the year?

...south of Moose Jaw was one of the best lightning shows I saw all year:

...a nice way to end the storm season in Saskatchewan!

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